hell was boring

cant wait to not stuck here
and be freely like a bird

sip a cofee and said --
"idk, i think i need coffee in the morning and tea at night. im ok, both are ok for me"
(while everyone force a human to choose between coffee or tea, i need both)

enjoying breakfast at chinese shop
went to pasar karat at early morning
come back and lay down at bed with "Sweet" by CAS playing at background
laidback life one's said

i dont know. i want that^

they said, life is simple
i wanna taste that kind of simple life
how simple life can be
it is simple when we said, but, to apply simple in life
i think thats hard

human is complicated creation
its a beauty complicated
but we issa stupid. we said, complicated is ugly

im lose track to go the end right now

time can heal right?