you are beyond my words

i’m painting constellations across your body. tiny traces that map out where i’ve been. i’m leaving my fingerprints on every inch of you that i can reach. you’re slipping through my fingers as we rearrange ourselves beneath the sheets. i can feel your warm breath against the base of my neck. i can hear you gasping for air.

i could write an entire book between your thighs. 

and with each word,
each punctuation mark,
each question,
each command,
with each fully formed
sentence i write, i can
make out another fragment
that only barely escapes
your mouth.


i’m lacing my fingers
through your now-disheveled hair,
intertwining myself completely.

our legs are tangled
together in the same
way that the roots
of the trees behind 
my house overlap.

we’re conducting a
of bated breath
and trembling lips,
nomadic hands and
pleading eyes.

we’re conducting the symphony of you and i.