oversized jumper, long white socks, pale lips and face, kiddo always cute in her way

doktor cakap, "she's very weak. she needs extra..."
"care", dia sambung.

every morning, dia buat a very lovely breakfast with daisy. every morning, he gave me a very enthusiastic spirit to wake up and smile and do things i wanna do

i wrote this letter to him

taking care of me is one of tough job to do (i know) but you did really excellent, dear love. i feel very alive and alive and alive till not feel the pain anymore. you. you always makes my heart beats like abnormal beating and i like that. a lot. sometimes, im going crazy because of you (i bet you didn't know this) today, i want you to know that, i will not be like this if you're not revolving yourself and your soul around me. thank you to the moon and back. how can i pay you with your kindness? it's kinda God's masterpiece. He knows the best and! you're one of it.

when you're sleep, i wake up, and write this letter to you. if tomorrow is not my day anymore, i would not regret to love you. more than anything.

(always run of words when to confess to you. haiya you are magnet or what)

"sayang, lets go to the zoo!" dia ajak
"let's i want piggy back, bibi!" manja
"eyyy budak kecik ni. jum jum! its been awhile kita tak pergi tengok elephant"

ni ubat.
bila sakit kau tak rasa sakit.
ini ubat