Got nothing to do today, I search some places to go to with my angel.
We are going to Penang! Yeay!

To       : Lardee_e@ghoo.com
Subject  : Hi from Paris I miss you!

Hi, sayang!
I do some Google and found one place which is good for us to vacation! I know we both did a good job in our life. Why not, we purchase ourselves some luxury rest and romantic night. Just two of us? What say you? 

I sent you an e-mail so, this is like our-kind-of-love-letter. Hehehe so, yeah, I shy (now). Don't burst your laugh on this e-mail.

Give your eyes eyesgasm for the photos, sayang!

Howwas it, sayang? :-)
Hehehe I will see you soon! Bye 

Your cute one and only wife