Hello there.
31th. Hm, everything goes well.

I still need to move my ass to the finale. I still barely breathe here. I still hoping for something that called false hope. I still present for my PMS. Who doesn't? Sometimes, I sit at the balcony and talk to my self.

But. For the bright side. I still move on. I still waiting for you. I still want you like before even more. 2012, you gotta be really nice. Everyone hoping for a miracle to you.

This is a kind of random post. I write what pop up first. First come, first serve.

Too lots of good and bad for this years. Tears and laughs. Friends and someone who don't want be friend with me. Foods and instant foods. Marriages. Too many colors cloring 2011.

We learnt from mistakes. We learnt from past. Let bygone be bygone.  Insyaallah, new year will bring more joys, more laughs, more happiness, more friends, more weddings! (P/s: I love wedding much!) Praying and tawakal. Insyaallah.

Oh, MS. You know, you always be my side. A-l-w-a-y-s. Don't run okay. I might be an annoying kiddo for your entire life. :) May Allah blessed.

Love 2011,