Chuck Bass ,

She turns to the mirror and feels his hand on her belly. She suddenly starts to think how everything’s gonna change from that moment on. She is afraid.

“I’ll become a whale.” She says in a sad tone.
“I bet you won’t.”
“Yes I will! I will become a whale.” She repeats. She’s trying so hard not to look at her own reflection in the mirror.

The silence starts to get awkward and so Chuck tries to comfort her. He strokes her tummy gently and looks at them. “You’ll still be beautiful.” He says gleefully.
“Things will change.” She wails.

He kisses her neck right next to her ear that she shivers in response. His grip tightens and their bodies are touching now. 

“Appearance will, feelings won’t. Never doubt that.” He kisses her neck again and a tiny smile appears on her face. She looks at them in the mirror, the vision makes her feel suddenly a little bit happy.

“I am afraid.” She finally lets it out. 

“Promise me?” She barely turns to face him. His mouth is terribly closer to hers and so he lets his temptation get the best of him and he kisses her sweetly.