I'm Not Officially A Loser ,

hari ni. masa ni. jam ni. ketika ini. 
aku rasa loser gila babeng okay. rasa macam duduk dalam longkang. F! tadi tengok register course. 9 subjects for next sem and it seem tough because there is Basic Mechanics which is I am not so want to cooperate with it. It's not a big deal but it's a huge deal for me. Godddd. what I'm supposed to do with this subject. 

and, for my Friday. there's no way TGIF. because of Basic Mechanics ni laaahhh !*hentak kepala dekat dinding. maybe, maybe, I am the only girl who is repeating her Basic Mechanics. FML. by the way, I need to change right ? be a better one in Basic Mechanics. Sound nice, but it killed me on my first sem. -.- darn you.

I, will do my best for the next Basic Mechanics. God help me.