Every Droplets ,

*3:11 am, raining 

bila sejuk sejuk macam ni, apa yang kau rasa enak di buat ? for me for sure lah pakai baju tebal. BAJU sahaja okay. and and two bowls of hot chocolate topping with marshmallow would be super nice. and, someone next to me just wrap me with his arm. aww, we can relax while watching football match on television. make sure both phones are silent and no phone call in or out.

I can read a novel while he's focusing on his soccer match. hihi. or or, hug him and I will take part of the television's channel as well. it would be super adorable right ?

ting ting ! the microwave's beeping and our breads are already baked. so, the supper is so lovely. two bowls of hot chocolate topping with marshmallow; its a not-too-much-huge-&-not-too-much-small-bowl okay. and some home-made breads. gaaahh, I'm lovit :)

//okay, this is my dream before sleep. Good Night and Good Early-Morning love