who's in yr mind now ?

what are the best things about the one who you thinking right now ?
-he is my superpower, gimme the incredible power. my warmth, that's why he is my blanket. he's my closed friend, closed to my heart always crossing on my mind. the prettiest about him is, he loves the green. hey, nowadays, who is still care about the environment just like him? i bet you, no one. he's my missing pieces. one day, I'm lost and turned into pieces. finally, I've found him. the little-baby missing piece who is so sweet. the great cocaine that always makes me high high and high. the only cocaine i take. medicine for the sickness. he is. no doubt. he is my home. when i fell like fucking hell, he is the one who can turn it be like home. he is my everything. the heaven on the earth.

one only word for him.
-l o v e