0300 AM.
boyfie, come lay with me here. T_T
im fucking missing you this night. plus, so hungry 'bout you. hug me puhleaseee. do kiss me every inches of night. wrap me next to your skin. urggghhh. and and, whisper me that you love me. awww. and and, it would be so nice to wake up & see you tangled in the sheet next to me.

okay taty. you are dead. noooo, im nooottt. im just hungryyyyy. fuck. crawling at the
FOODPORN makes me drop jaw! oh myyy. i need foood puhleaseee. im dead im dead. enough.
tonight rhythm's : Don't Worry, Be Happy - Bobby Mcferrin

p/s : remind yrself, that it is okay not to be so hardly perfect. just be yrself. and, fuck those.