rara's tag

1. 5 names that people call you

2. 5 important dates for you
-parents brthday
-shit happen

3. 5 things you have done yesterday
-mms-ing ;D
-kemas rumah dgn bonda tercinta
-said bye to PET. ohh miss you pet. tc ther!

4. 5 ways to be happy
-s m i l e
-be strong even you cant
-just said "im fine"
-always stay with the person tht makes you happy
-think happy.

5. 5 favourite movies
- aaaa, i dont have any clue. heee ;DD

6. 5 favourite hobbies
- '________' ask me other Q.

7. 5 favourite people
- mak ayah
-adik adik
-awak lah.

8. 5 favourite place for vacation!

9. 5 reasons you answer the survey
-dah lama tak buat tag nie. bosan lak tue. sorang2 kat rumah. fikir 5 alasan.

10. 5 person to tag
-doreen :)