Te echo de menos

i miss the way my heart skips a beat when i hear your voice,
i miss the way my world lit up when you are in front of me,
i miss the way your hand always found mine,
i miss the way our bodies fit together like they are meant for eachother,
i miss the way my head fit your shoulder. just perfect.
i miss the way your hair hung in your eyes,
i miss the way you always found that right spot,
i miss the way you'd make me so special.

when i say "i miss you" it isn't just words.
not characters on a blinking screen,
not shallow motives sent through satellites,
blinking and breaking thru invisible spaces,
navigates by cell phones or computers.
i miss you every second of every day.
my everydays suffers,
suffers from a lack,
a lack of you.