So, la la la

dear enchikcinta <3,

yr a falling star,
yr the get away car,
yr the line in the sand when i go too far,
yr the swimming pool, on an August day,
& yr the perfect thing to say.

& u play it coy but it's kinda cute,
ah, when u smile at me u know exactly what to do,
Baby dont pretend that u dont know it's true,
'cause u can see when i look at u.

& in this crazy life,
& thru these crazy times
it's u, it's u, (:
u make me sing,
yr every line, yr every word, yr everything.

yr a carousel, yr wishing well & u light me up.
when u ring my bell, yr a mystery, yr from outer space.
yr every minute of my everyday.

& i cant believe, uh that i'm yr girl.
& i get to kiss u baby just bcause i can.
whtever comes our way, ah we'll see i thru,
& u know that's what our love can do.