idont confess doesnt mean ihate u

open your eyes, look at me
there's something i need you to see
i love you more then you may ever know
and more then i can ever show.
your the sun that brightens up my day
the only shade of color, in my world of grey
you make me happier then anyone has ever had
we been through it all, the good and the sad
i love you more then words can explain
your the reason, i feel almost no pain
my heart skips a beat when i hear your name
you could guess, that my mind does the same
for you are always on it, no matter the time
your forever locked inside my mind
so look at me, look into my eyes.
i love you. those are three words, that are never lies
so as you sleep and as you dream
remember i love you more then i can ever scream
i need you more then the air, in the sky of blue
cause i can always get another breath, but never another you
your important to me, you make my world go 'round
and keep it from crashing onto the ground
you give my face a reason to smile
even if it's only for a while
you give me a reason to wake up everyday
and an even better reason to stay
there's not another you up in the sky
so when i say i love you. it's never a lie
it comes from my heart, it comes from my soul
the only parts of me that are whole
look into my eyes. look at me
theres something that i need you to see
something i need you to believe
my love for you, is never gonna leave
i honest to god, these three words are true
dear, i really do, in fact. I LOVE YOU

pabila hati tak tahu nak buat apa, ini
ja yang mampu ku buat. ^________^
meronggeng dalam blog sendiri.
it myyy blog rite, so do i care :)
ah! bile la nak dapat pakwe ni XD
*gmbar di atas sangat over & saya sangat suke!*