i fall for..

how he give me his hand to let me hold me



it was so hard to sleep
after nights of u

the amount of "missing u"
is too much to let u know
i kept it
to myself
i cant control it
i let u know
but i know
it bit
let u know
about my miss u


i keep forgeting
i aint nobody

catch feeling

one need to stop
starts feeling

one need to know
that one's not 
a special


shower thought

lately, im so emotionally n physically needy
so today, i lock myself in shower for quite bit time
and had shower thought

as the water touch my body, i remembered one question my secondary school friend asked me
"what u want the most?"
"happiness" i said

because, from my point of view
u aint nothing if u dont reach the peak of happiness in ur life
u rich but u not happy
u in love but u not happy
u suicide but u not happy

from happy u can be rich
u can be content
u can be more happy

but, one voice hit me
soft but hard
he tought me this;
"be healthy always"
for him healthy is the key

my view changed
my brain keep processing
yeah it made sense
u need to be healthy
so u can be happy n do lots of things that u want
rich is nothing if u arent healthy
how to do works when u not in a good health

healthy is the
key to be happy

(i found the key 
but i cant open it
cuz im not the owner of the key)