when the time is being normal back,

its kinda sad
but who am i
to demand thing



after a long day,

"miss u lot. take care!"

thank u,


my dream with u

salted caramel candle
muse tea

theres two people
smiling to each other
coz maybe they feel shy
but they wanting each other,
they needy each other
so they bury their shy into the a paddlepop water

they stare, and starts to touch each other
the sweet scented from the burning candle, with the dim light of the bathroom
the clock feels like not ticking
what can be heard is only two heartbeat beating fast
they breathe hard
once they touch each other skin,
they smile
as if they know
they are now entering the heaven

the water is nicely warm, but
the force between them are extra warm
their lips start making out
slowly but surely

tiger magic

this weather..
i think i put blame on this weather
made me needy too much

your voice used to sooth me
but now, i feel like you cursed me everytime i heard your voice

this weather..
my needy feeling always be a needy feeling

its k

because of this weather
i will sleep my feeling well
deepest box
in heart