this too shall pass,

i need to be ready
by anytime
u gonna leave me

as u said..
that u decided
to stop be friend with me

the whole sentence touched my heart
to the deepest

by that time
i know
i shall be ready
to face the reality
and be gone


to the goodbye which i hate
im going towards it


God's plan

i guess this is too comfortable
this should not be like this
it shouldnt be so comfy like this
am i too fast?
omg i think im alone by all myself again
this time


lets slow down ur ass girl
slow. mf down.

but i really want eat cake with u on 19th


whimpers n squirms

hug me

#np Daniel Caesar - Best Part

u r the best when comes to calm me
how did u do that? so smooth and so natural
i know u the star, babe

thank you xx