as a toy,

i'll be more careful next time

more than anything

i dont know where is wrong
the hormonal part or it just me

i think, it just me
it just me who wanted to be happy
when happy is not for me at the first place
but i still, hoping for at least i can taste a lil bit happy


last night was a major emotional breakdown
i feel so sad..
but at the same time
i come back to the reality
im just a toy..

how can a toy wanted a happy life as a human?
how can a toy can be considered as a priority when u just an object without feeling

im sorry i take for granted
im so blinded with the kindness that had been poured to me
i know it  just.. a payment for a toy..
im too overwhelming with my own imaginary dream
im sorry..




it was nice trip
nice food
good smell
deep feeling
soft touch
great ride
it was nice

not tattoed

i know all these are temporary
i wish i can make it forever
(when i know it wont happens)