this kind of environment that only we know

i know how hard it is living in this kind of environment. pressured. very... pressured. i hope you will be okay, if not now it will be one day. don't give up. try your best. your very best of the best that you got -- try that. it might be work. who knows. 

im so sad that you have to deal with this kind of environment while everyone is enjoying this environment happily like the fairy tale in the book. i cant do nothing since im also trying my best to bear with it with all the energy i have. 

i hope.. one day.. she will know that this is not the right thing.  :(


been ages

been ages im away from this place. this place where i put all the saddest and happiest things revolved around me. hey, guess what, im back. for good i think?

there's still the-emo-me inside me but now, i rather said that im a bit good handling my life. what's up, is gonna up and what's down were remained there -- down. 

what is sure, we are still together. two months away from 7 years. what a time. what a freaking time. 7 years. who knows we are still together. God knows. 

im not sure where we will go next. but i pray, we will go to some place where only both of me and him can share everything closely and intimately. Amin.


datang sini

untuk satu masa
aku takut 
kau akan tinggal aku
kerna kekurangan aku

hari-hari aku mimpi 
hari-hari aku mimpi
hari-hari aku rindu



4 tahun lalu
perasaan yang sama macam semalam

sesak nafas
perlukan oksigen

4 tahun lalu
aku paling lemah
setiap malam

malam semalam
aku sama macam 4 tahun lalu